Cannon Beach


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Cannon Beach draws much of its spirit and power from its natural surroundings: a sunlight perfect for an artist’s canvas or a photographer’s lens; a coastal mountain range; a dense rainforest; a powerful ocean; and the landmark Haystack Rock surrounded with sea life.

Cannon Beach is right on the north coast of Oregon, just 75 miles west of Portland. But in a crowded commercial world, it might as well be 1,000 miles from nowhere. Back in the 1890s, the only road to Cannon Beach had 111 curves and took more than seven hours to travel. Beginning with a few hearty settlers, Cannon Beach residents were sustained by lumbering and fishing, but it continued to be a very remote place until the 1920s when telephones, traffic and tourism re-discovered Cannon Beach. But the remoteness of this place also fostered a special unity and closeness among its citizens, and that same spirit is something that it shares with its visitors to this day. Cannon Beach is a place that says, “Welcome! Come as you are.” But it also says, “Leave us as we are.”



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Photo from: Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Tags: adventure, beach, serene, west coast